EU Tyre Labelling Regulations

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Choosing the right new tyres for your car

All new tyres manufactured after the 1st July 2012 must be labelled according to the new EU Tyre Regulations.

This European regulation is aimed at reducing fuel consumption by helping motorists make better informed choices and encouraging the purchase of more fuel efficient tyres.

The labels will provide information on fuel efficiency, grip in wet conditions and external noise. This means that you’ll have standardised information about the tyres performance before you buy them.

Take a look below for more details on the three tyre categories:

fuel efficiency tyre label

Fuel Efficiency

A rolling tyre deforms and dissipates energy. The energy that’s lost is known as rolling resistance and directly impacts on fuel consumption.

With lower rolling resistance, the tyre uses less energy, less fuel and in turn produce less CO2.

Tyres will be graded A (most efficient) to G (least efficient) for fuel efficiency with a loss of 7.5% of fuel economy between the best class (A) and the worst class (G).

rolling noise tyre label

Rolling Noise - Exterior noise emissions

This is the exterior noise made by the tyre and is measured in decibels (dB).

Tyres come in 3 classes:
1 wave = quietest tyres to 3 waves = loudest tyres.

wet grip tyre label

Wet Grip and Braking Performance

Wet grip is about how long it takes you to stop on wet roads. Tyres will be graded A (most efficient) to G (least efficient) in terms of their performance in the wet.

The most efficient tyres (Grade A) will have a 30% shorter braking distance than the least efficient (Grade G).

This means they will stop 18 metres earlier when braking at 50mph in wet conditions – which could be a crucial factor in being able to avert an accident.

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More Information

For more information on tyres, see our Tyres Maintenance Tips or contact your local Peugeot dealer. We'll always help you to make an informed decision when you buy your tyres.