Peugeot Carpet and Rubber Floor Mats

You could get some generic car mats from a local store, but it can be awkward when they don’t fit the shape of your foot well and you need to force them into place. Not only do they never really match the look of your car, they could even cause a safety hazard.

Choosing mats from the official range of Peugeot accessories means you get mats designed specifically for your Peugeot. Available in a choice of materials to offer you the widest selection, our floor mats will provide lasting protection of the original carpet and look perfect.

What’s more, our floor mats come with some handy safety features. To prevent interference with the vehicle’s pedals, the driver’s side mat clips into the existing fixings in your car.

Floor mats

  • Carpet mats with a range of attractive designs to compliment your Peugeot
  • Velour mats for a touch of luxury inside
  • Rubber mats are hard-wearing and made from a washable material

Key features

  • Designed to fit your Peugeot
  • Driver’s side mats clip into place
  • Stylish and hard-wearing