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What is the Optiway Extra Service Plan?

As an existing Peugeot owner, we want to make things easy. That’s why we’ve developed the Optiway Extra Service Plan to provide you with a simple and affordable way to cover the costs of your servicing needs.

Optiway Extra allows you to spread the cost of your servicing into small, manageable chunks. After all, you pay for other bills this way, so why not for your car’s servicing requirements?

Not only is it a hassle-free way of knowing your future services are budgeted for, but it also means you’ll save money, as all plans are guaranteed at today’s prices. Plus, you'll still benefit from our Peugeot Service Promise - striving to offer you the best possible service experience.

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What are the benefits?

  • Inflation proof - frozen at today's prices
  • Flexible plans – you choose what to include
  • Transferable - you can transfer it to your next Peugeot^
  • Free wash with every service
  • Free Peugeot vehicle health checks
  • Alternative transport - courtesy car or local collection/delivery*

 *As agreed with your Peugeot dealer and subject to availability. ^Depending on your next vehicle, monthly payments may fluctuate.

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How to pay?

Just like your phone or electricity bills, you can spread the cost of your servicing with either monthly interest-free payments, or if you prefer, pay for it with a one-off payment.

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Who is eligible?

Anyone with a Peugeot vehicle aged over 1 month old.

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How do I get one?

Just speak to your local participating Peugeot Dealer, and they will provide you with a highly competitive and affordable quote to suit your individual needs.

List of participating dealers
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And for new Peugeots…

Our Optiway Extra Service Plans are ideal if your Peugeot is more than a month old. But if you’re buying a brand new car, our standard Optiway Sevice Plans are what you need.

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