peugeot optiway service plans

Spread the cost of looking after your Peugeot

Funny how your car always needs a service when money’s tight, isn’t it? We couldn’t help thinking there must be another way.

So we came up with our Optiway Service Plans, specially designed for brand new Peugeots. It means you can spread the cost of servicing with a monthly Direct Debit – just like paying the gas bill. Plus, you'll still benefit from our Peugeot Service Promise - striving to offer you the best possible service experience.


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  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Inflation-proof – payments at today’s prices
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Decide how many years you want your plan to last and tailor it to the number of services your Peugeot's going to need.

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  • Servicing by Peugeot-trained technicians
  • Only genuine Peugeot parts used
  • A manufacturer's service history that’s great for your Peugeot’s resale value
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And for older Peugeots…

Our Optiway Service Plans are ideal if you’re buying a brand new Peugeot. But if your car is older, we now offer Optiway Extra Service Plans, giving all the same benefits for Peugeots that are more than a month old.

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