Peugeot Assistance

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Free roadside help from the AA

Yes, we know reliability is probably one of your top reasons for buying a Peugeot. But it’s still nice to know that if something DID go wrong with your car, there’d be someone to call for help.

That’s why we include 12 months of FREE Peugeot Assistance - our roadside breakdown cover provided by the AA - with every new car, starting from the date on your warranty certificate.

You’ll be protected against just about anything that could go wrong with your car – either in the UK or Europe. You can even extend your Peugeot Assistance for a further 24 months within 60 days of the first registration of your vehicle. Please contact your supplying Peugeot dealer for further details.

The number to call if you need our Peugeot Assistance roadside service is 0800 294 0294.

What’s covered free

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If your car can’t be fixed at the roadside within a reasonable time, Peugeot Assistance will take it to any Peugeot Authorised Repairer.

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At home

You can even call Peugeot Assistance if your car’s parked outside your home.

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Onward travel

Peugeot Assistance will either lend you a replacement car or pay up to £300 for overnight accommodation. Or they’ll pay for you to get to your destination by taxi, plane or train – again up to a cost of £300, with standard class tickets.


European driving

You’re covered while driving just about anywhere in Europe. If you’re heading somewhere really out of the way and want to make sure it’s on the list of countries you’re covered for please email for full terms and conditions.

Want even more peace of mind?


Upgrading your cover

Peugeot Assistance provides roadside assistance for any faults with your car. It’s also possible to upgrade your cover to include problems such as:

  • Using the wrong fuel, or running out of fuel
  • Punctures
  • Keys getting lost, stolen or locked inside the car

To find out about upgrading your Peugeot Assistance cover, or for an extension after your free period, call 0800 980 0681.