Winter Tyres

winter tyres

Get a grip in the cold weather

In freezing conditions even a short journey can be a struggle, but more importantly, without winter tyres that same journey can become hazardous.

In the winter 48% of car accidents are the result of skidding. That’s just one of the reasons Peugeot strongly recommend that you fit winter tyres to your vehicle during the winter months. But there are plenty of other reasons too, including:


  • Improved handling and traction performance when the temperature drops below 7℃
  • Reducing braking distances by up to 20% (11 metres)
  • Increased grip levels of up to 50% in icy conditions - reducing the chance of skidding
  • Some European countries require that you fit winter tyres by law
  • Fitting winter tyres can save you money in the long run as it prolongs the life of your summer tyres

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For more information on winter tyres contact your local Peugeot Dealer.