Protection Packs

peugeot protection packs

Protect your Peugeot from the bad weather

This time of year with it getting colder, wetter and generally more unpleasant outside, we’ve created a series of accessory packs to give your Peugeot a bit of extra protection and help stop the elements making a mess of your car. With three packs to choose from, you can decide how much protection you want.

Pack 1 - Rubber mats, front and rear mudflaps
The best way to provide effective protection of the original carpets inside your car, while the bodywork outside is shielded from damage that can be caused by road debris.

Pack 2 - Rubber mats, front and rear mudflaps and boot tray
The addition of a high sided boot tray ensures protection against dirty items and helps to contain any small spills in the boot.

Pack 3 - Rubber mats, front and rear mudflaps, boot tray and sill protectors
Complete the full suite of accessories with attractive sill protectors that will protect your car sills from scuffs and scratches.