roof boxes

Peugeot Roof Boxes

A practical yet stylish way to increase your luggage capacity, roof boxes allow you to safely transport bulky items, like tents or pushchairs.

Roof boxes from the official Peugeot accessory range are designed with an aerodynamic profile. This helps to cut down on extra fuel consumption caused by roof mounted accessories. They also match the modern design of your Peugeot, with clean lines and a bold Peugeot badge.

We only use the highest quality materials to deliver sturdy and reliable transport solutions. Your local Peugeot Dealer can help you fit a new roof box along with matching Peugeot roof bars.

Roof Boxes

  • Available in various sizes to suit your needs
  • Short roof box – 330 litres
  • Mid-length roof box – 420 litres
  • Long roof box – 420 litres

Key features

  • Side-opening access
  • Gas strut mechanism for easy opening and closing
  • Multi-point central locking for secure transportation