Winter Driving Tips

peugeot winter driving tips

Advice on staying safe this winter

Driving in the winter can be difficult for even the most experienced drivers, but with a little preparation you can avoid some of the hazards associated with the season.

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Plan Ahead

Before starting any journey, it’s a good idea to give yourself an extra 10 minutes to prepare the car before setting off.

There are a few items you should consider taking with you: a fully charged mobile phone; a torch; a first aid kit; a tow rope; a snow shovel; jump leads; a blanket; a warning triangle; and an old sack or rug (to put under the wheels if you do get stuck).

Try to plan your journey in advance to favour major roads that are more likely to have been gritted. And most importantly, give yourself more time for the journey.

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Before you set off on any journey, take a couple of minutes to ensure that your windows and mirrors are completely free from snow and ice.

To quickly clear the windscreen use your car’s de-ice or demist function. You can also use an ice scraper at the same time to remove ice and snow. It’s important not to turn your windscreen wipers on until the screen is clear, just in case the blades are frozen to the glass – this could cause damage to the blades and the wiper motor.

And don’t forget to clear the roof, as you don’t want snow falling onto your windscreen and obscuring the view while you’re driving.

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A little extra peace of mind

To take care of any winter worries you may have, why not book a Peugeot Winter Check? Our trained technicians will perform a 23 point check to make sure your car is ready for whatever the winter throws its way. You can find more information by clicking the button below.

Peugeot Winter Check
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Check your tyres

As the temperatures start to drop, driving conditions can deteriorate quickly. So it’s a good idea to check your tyres before starting out.

You need to check the  condition, pressure and tread depth of all your tyres. The tread depth needs to be at least 3mm to be suitable for winter driving.

It’s unlikely that you’ll need snow chains, unless you live in an isolated area hit with heavy snow. But if you do need snow chains, check that they're suitable for your car and practice fitting them before it snows. It’s also worth considering fitting  ‘cold weather’ tyres – these offer substantially more grip below 7 degrees. Ask your local Peugeot dealer for more information.

Peugeot Winter Tyres